As Paul Cezanne so eloquently states, We live in a rainbow of chaos.

My work is inspired by that chaos. Colors in nature are a driving force in my work. I don’t look at nature, I read it. I absorb it. I am inspired by the connections I make between the body and nature. Movement, form and life. These elements are the conceptual underpinnings and inspirations in most of my work. I feel how one piece fits with another, how small fragments of glass create refracting light with texture. I investigate color in order to create a sense of rhythm, or tension and I connect those elements with the common thread of mortar, the building block that ultimately creates the gestalt of the image. Many of my pieces are commissions and represent the clients needs, I am able to pursue my love of color in my work and believe that shows in my dedication to the craft. I am able to remain true to my craft by incorporating pieces of the world around me by utilizing color and line in modular works to please my clients and most of all to continue my love of mosaic working. In the studio, with broken glass and adhesive, creating beauty from the chaos.