Words from the artist, JONATHAN BROWN

As Paul Cezanne so eloquently states, “We live in a rainbow of chaos.”

My work is inspired by that chaos. Colors in nature are a driving force in my work. I don’t look at nature, I ‘read’ it. I absorb it. I am inspired by the connections I make between the body and nature. Movement, form and life. These elements are the conceptual underpinnings and inspirations in my work. I feel how one piece fits with another, how small fragments of glass create refracting light with texture. I investigate color in order to create a sense of rhythm, or tension and I connect those elements with the common thread of mortar, the building block that ultimately creates the gestalt of the image. Many of my pieces are intended as commissions and represent the clients’ needs, but I would be remiss in categorizing them as simple fabrications. I am able to pursue my love of color in my work and believe that shows in my dedication to the craft. I am able to remain true to my craft by incorporating pieces of the world around me by utilizing color and line in modular works to please my clients and most of all to continue my love of mosaic working. In the studio, with fractured glass, mortar, and most of all creating beauty from the chaos.

Working with community stakeholders and collaborating with a diverse population of clients and designers over the years, has broadened my view of art in general, allowing me to grow immensely in my own artistic discipline. It became apparent at an early stage in my career that incorporating light as a component in my works brought life and dimension to what began as a complex, yet 2D piece. Experimenting with light also allows me to experiment with shadows; especially those of nearby structures. With technology progressing at such a rapid rate, I am now able to use more environmentally friendly LED lighting, creating a much more vivid illumination that saves my clients money in the long run regarding power consumption, and promotes an ecologically sustainable material.

With over 25 years’ experience, stakeholders can be assured that our team is knowledgeable of materials, both structurally and artistically and has expertise in developing projects that are site specific and conceptually appropriate. The team is open to engagement with community and project stakeholders in developing conceptual goals.