We have completed over 50 site-specific commissions for the commercial, healthcare, educational, retail and hospitality environments. We are known for producing unique artwork with exceptional elegance, beauty and universal appeal. Every piece is meticulously drawn, and crafted, then assembled and finished by our team directly.


Each and every one of my designs combines a prolific imagination, rapport with our clients and subjects, a love of color and the interplay of light, nature and characters in the mosaic. I was inspired by Mayan Stone Temples, Italian Frescoes and Modern Expressionist painters. If I am working in a children’s environment, I add whimsy. When in a more somber space, I use subdued colors and soothing imagery.



Our original mosaics are made from the highest quality glass and ceramic tile with handmade colored grouting which we apply by hand in multiple layers to ensure details stand out, the seams are seamless, and the viewer does not recognize the individual components. We strive for a hundred year last to our works using special coatings, coverings frames and easily replaced lighting accessories.


Our newer creations are comprised of multiple layers of glass, pulp, acrylics and various backing materials. If you need a sample to show your clients, I’d be glad to send you a 9-inch sample-board especially crafted for your next project. Email your request to me at allowing 3-4weeks for delivery.



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Incredible process of laying out over 75,000 hand cut pieces of glass in 4 different panels. Throughout the entire process he was in constant contact with the team to discuss the piece, send updated imagery, and determine logistics such as installation, weight, lighting, time lines. His end result is an incredible testament to his attention to detail, craftsmanship, and fine eye for beauty.
Suzi Hlavacek
Senior Art Consultant Boston Art
Boston, MA


Jonathan was down to earth, open and honest about his services and highly responsive to our vision. He worked closely with our engineers and construction crews to create “The Electric Waterfall,” a beautiful work of art that flows down the entire face of the building. Jonathan’s creativity and approach to the project made working with him easy and seamless which is why I recommend his work and services to anyone wanting large scale indoor or outdoor art work.
Eric Hovde
Chief Executive Officer, Hovde Properties
Madison, Wisconsin


In the early 1990s, we were introduced to Jonathan Brown, a 22-year-old Houston artist working primarily in mosaic. Having produced several living room-sized works of wall art and hand-crafted, gorgeous mosaic table-top inlays, Jonathan went on to create unique custom lighting fixtures for high- end Houston area clubs and restaurants. He also created pieces for mansions, schools, and churches. His studio in the loft district attracted a lot of attention from local designers and media alike as he was in the process of glassing the interior of a swimming pool in the West University neighborhood. What impressed us with Jonathan was his never-ending creative ideas and his meticulous attention to detail. His mosaic works are quite distinct from others we have seen. His use of hand-mixed, custom- colored grouts to complement the hues of ceramic and stained-glass tiles allows him to create a rich, unique tapestry with each work of art. We gave Jonathan a larger platform for his artwork, commissioning him for several area hospitals seeking signature mural pieces for their lobbies. Within ten years of working with Jonathan, he proved to be one of our most popular and highly rated artists. A dozen large- scale hospital installations and four states later, Jonathan has proven himself to be one of the top mosaic artists in the South and is gaining a reputation on the national stage.He always proves to be responsive, understands the clients’ needs, and produces on time and under budget. We continue to consult with Jonathan twenty-three years later and whenever appropriate, seek to commission him for work that is recognized for its excellence and beauty.

We give Jonathan our unqualified recommendation.
Charles White Principal
Louise Nicholson Carter Principal
Skyline Art
Houston, Tx